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Come join us this summer in Ocean Grove.   If you’re a first-time visitor, this is your opportunity to learn about the unique history of the area which was settled as a camp meeting in 1869. If you’re familiar with our history, check back to our website in the winter to view the variety of activities we’ll be offering to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of Ocean Grove.





We’ll be presenting our 50th Annual House Tour on Friday, August 3. Once again, you will have the privilege of touring some of the outstanding homes here in Ocean Grove. The house tour begins at 10:30 AM and runs until 4:30 PM.   Be a part of our celebratory 50th anniversary!



















A Video Recap of Our 2016 Activities

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2016 has been a great year for the Historical Society of Ocean Grove. Watch this video below to learn about all the wonderful activities that have taken place so far.

A Special Dinner at Centennial Cottage

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The HSOG would like to thank Holly Horn of the Ocean Grove Violin Academy for introducing us to violinist Mary Badger. Mary performed on the porch of Centennial Cottage for the high bidders of our Candlelight Dinner at Centennial Cottage auction package. A short video clip of her performance is below. We’d also like to thank Sea Grass Restaurant for going above and beyond in providing the cuisine. We appreciate your support!

The high bidders of our Candlelight Dinner at Centennial Cottage auction package enjoy a violin serenade by Mary Badger.