About Us

Historical Society of Ocean Grove tent
Early visitors to the Methodist camp meeting at Ocean Grove, circa 1870.

The Historical Society of Ocean Grove is dedicated to conservation, education and preservation of the history of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, both as a coastal resort community and a camp meeting site.

The Society operates a museum as well as Centennial Cottage, a “living history” museum.

The Society is also dedicated to educating the public about the historic contributions made to the USA by the residents, visitors and governing bodies of Ocean Grove; about Victorian life and architecture, and the restoration of Victorian structures in the community.

The Society is a non-profit organization which has received public grants from the New Jersey Historical Commission, the New Jersey Cultural Trust, and the Monmouth County Historical Commission.

Our Executive Board 2017

President: Sam Olshan

First Vice-President: Louise Olshan

Second Vice-President: Jean Buckley

Treasurer: Linda Dousis

Assistant Treasurer: Michael Kzarian

Corresponding Secretary: Gayle Aanensen

Recording Secretary: Alice Probst

Standing Committee Chairs

Parliamentarian: Phyllis Keutgen

Centennial Cottage: Mary Solecki

Curator: Ted Bell


Education: Mary Solecki

Exhibits: Dell O’Hara, Ph.D.

Historian: Dell O’Hara, Ph.D.

Architectural Historian: Deborah Osepchuk


House Tour: Louise Olshan

Membership and Community Outreach: Michael McGraw, Ph.D.

Museum: Lorrie Losapio

Museum Shop: Jean Buckley

Publicity: Bob Waitt

Technology: Darrell Dufresne

Skold: Ted Aanensen

Workshops: Louise Olshan

Walking Tours: Bob Waitt