Historical Society of Ocean Grove

We believe that historical thinking requires critical approaches to evidence and argument. Historical thinking develops a contextual understanding and historical perspective. This encourages concepts like continuity, change, and causation, and the ability to interpret and communicate complex ideas clearly and coherently. Adapted from the History Relevance Initiative of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH).

We plan to use the above statement as our touchstone in creating the HSOG Education Department. While the HSOG does not currently offer education programs in or outside the Museum, we anticipate this will change once the Museum’s expansion is complete. Check our Support section for details.

We would like our education and social impact programs to connect thousands of young people and their families, including students, community members, aspiring historians, and educators. Our goal is to offer enriching history experiences, nurture critical thinking at all levels, and harness the power of history to make meaningful differences in people’s lives.

Experienced educators and interpreters will present interactive programs designed to meet many of New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Standards, particularly in Social Studies and Language Arts Literacy. Especially appropriate for grades 3 through 5, our curriculum can accommodate students of all ages.

If you are interested in volunteering for our education programs, check our Volunteer section for details.

Please consider a donation to the Education Fund.

Our education programs will be designed to make the past come alive for audiences of all ages. Informative and entertaining presentations will feature experienced educators and interpreters. Flexible demonstrations will be suitable for young children, teenagers, and adults.

Groups have the option to experience in person the Museum, Centennial Cottage, or both. Or, the HSOG can bring a Traveling Trunk to a classroom, meeting, or a senior facility. The HSOG would like to bring curricula, professional development opportunities, and resources for K–12 teachers into educational settings across the region.

Explore some of the HSOG’s potential programs that could be provided to the classroom. Ultimately, we would like to offer:

Artifact Kits and Primary Sources

From artifact kits you can rent, to primary source sets, to lesson plans, we would like to offer a variety of resources for history education:

  • Artifact Kits and Traveling Trunks
  • Primary Source Sets
  • Lesson Plans

Field Trips

Learn about late 19th and early 20th-century life inside our Museum and Centennial Cottage. Check what the Museum and Centennial Cottage can offer in our Exhibitions section.

Professional Learning for Educators

The HSOG would like to offer engaging professional learning opportunities throughout the year that blend content and pedagogy and provide classroom-ready resources.

We would work with schools and districts to create custom professional learning opportunities that combine expert speakers, resource packets, and a Museum orientation and visit. 


The Museum and Centennial Cottage can each accommodate one group of up to 30 students at the same time.


Program Availability

Monday through Friday.



60 minutes per program.



$125 per group of up to 30 students for each traveling trunk or education program. A non-refundable deposit of $30 would be due in advance for each. Confirmations with details would be sent on receipt of deposit.

Reservations would need to be made at least two weeks in advance.



Mary Solecki, Education Manager, Info@OceanGroveHistory.org


​The HSOG is currently looking for a sponsor(s) for its inaugural 2020 education program.