Women Historic Walking Tour

The women’s historic walking tour will focus on women’s history in early Ocean Grove. Re-enactors  portray the Ocean Grove women and relate their experience of daily life during that era. The tour will highlight the contributions of women from the founding of the town in 1869 to 1900 when women comprised two-thirds of Ocean Grove’s population. The lives, ministries and careers of female evangelists, temperance leaders, hotel owners and managers, physicians, entrepreneurs and holiness preachers will be discussed as we view their homes and places of business. A great opportunity to become familiar with the “feminine side” of Ocean Grove history!

The tour, which will begin at the Historical Society (50 Pitman Avenue), will be led by Dr. Lyndell O’Hara, professor of history at Nyack College in lower Manhattan. For more information call the museum at (732)774-1869 or purchase tickets below by tour date.

♦June 20th – 10:30 AM♦

♦July 25th 6:30 PM♦

♦August 22nd – 10:30 AM♦